Silicone Rubber Extrusion

          Silicone rubber profiles are specially make extruded silicone rubber to suit specific design of seal according to customer requirement.
         The colour, hardness, grade are selected for specific requirement.
          AlphaSil remains the primary choice for extruded profiles because of its accuracy and consistency of section.
         The specification below is the high temperature grade for above 250°C.

Download Files:-
               Silicone Rubber Extruded / Profile - TDS
               Silicone Rubber Extruded / Profile - SDS


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YES360 White

YES359 Clear

YES358 Clear

YES355 Clear

YES354 Red

YES353 Red

YES352 Red

YES350 Clear

YES348 Red

YES346 Clear

YES345 Red

YES344 Clear

YES340 Clear

YES339 Clear

YES338 White

YES337 Blue

YES335 Clear

YES333 Blue

YES332 White

YES331 Red

YES330 White

YES329 Clear

YES328 Blue

YES327 White

YES326 Clear

YES325 Red

YES323 Red

YES322 Black

YES319 Red

YES318 Clear

YES317 Translucent

YES316 Clear

YES315 White

YES314 Black

YES313 Red

YES311 Clear

YES310 Clear

YES309 White

YES308 Black

YES304 Red

YES303 Red

YES301 Black

YES299 Clear

YES298 Black

YES297 Red

YES295 Black

YES294 Clear

YES293 Clear

YES292 Clear

YES291 Grey

YES290 Grey

YES289 Black

YES287 Clear

YES286 Clear

YES285 Clear

YES284 Clear

YES283 Clear

YES282 White

YES280 Grey

YES279 Black

YES278 Clear

YES276 Red

YES275 Red

YES273 Clear

YES272 Clear

YES271 Black

YES270 Clear

YES269 White

YES268 Clear

YES266 Red

YES265 White

YES264 White

YES263 Black

YES260 Red

YES259 Clear

1 - 75 of 200

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