Silicone Sponge Extrusion

                  The silicone sponge that AlphaSil offered are made of a fine cellular construction
composed mainly of non-interconnecting cells. Demand for Silicone sponge continues to grow
and is available in two standard colors – white and red oxide,

                Flexible, compressible silicone closed cell sponge is designed for high performance
gasketing, thermal shielding, vibration mounts and press pads.

Download Files:-
Silicone Rubber Sponge / Foam -TDS
Silicone Rubber Sponge / Foam - SDS


YES357-10x100 Sponge Rect

YES356-15x45 Rect Sponge

YES351-D11 Sponge

YES349-50x60 Rect Sponge

YES347-11x18 D Sponge

YES343-D15x12 Sponge

YES342-D15x15 Sponge

YES341-5x40 Sponge Rect

YES336-15x20 Sponge Rect

YES334-4x50 Sponge Rect

YES324 SRSP 5x30 Sponge Rect

YES321 Sponge

YES320 Sponge

YES312 Sponge T

YES307-e22x14 Sponge

YES306-1.5x15 Tape Rect Sponge

YES305 15.5x38 Sponge

YES302 Rect Sponge

YES300-20x20 Sponge

YES296 13x24 Sponge Rect

YES288-10x25 Rect Sponge

YES281 Sponge T

YES277 Sponge e

YES274 Sponge L

YES267-20x30 Rect Sponge

YES262 Sponge Sq

YES261 Sponge Sq

YES255-5x50 Rect Sponge

YES254 Sq Sponge

YES246-30x30 Sponge D

YES243 Sponge

YES239-L10x18 Sponge

YES237-10x50 Sponge Rect

YES224-T3x9 Sponge

YES223-12x5.5 Sponge

YES211-6.5x15 Sponge Rect

YES204-IO20x36 Sponge

YES194-12x12 Sponge Sq

YES190-16X51 Sponge

YES185-20x20W Sponge Sq

YES172-n21x24 Sponge

YES171-IO9.5x20.5 Sponge

YES168-D10x12 Sponge

YES167-D4+8x20 Sponge

YES166-10(ID) x 20(OD) Sponge

YES165-7x5D Sponge

YES163-D12x22 Sponge

YES161-e12x12 Sponge

YES157-White-6x50 Sponge Rect

YES157-RED-6X50 Sponge Rect

YES148-e17x23 Sponge

YES147-P16x22 Sponge

YES146-e12x14-Red Sponge

YES146-e12x14-Grey Sponge

YES139-D20x31 Sponge

YES136-D9x11xR6 Sponge

YES131-5x25 Sponge Rect

YES128-20x20 Sponge Sq

YES125-30x30 Sponge Sq

YES124-D20x25 Sponge

YES122- Rect 10x20 Sponge

YES121-D12x20 Sponge

YES108-D12x12 Sponge


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